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Ghesquiere Pulls an ‘N Sync

Ghesquiere Pulls an ‘N Sync

The papers, both digital and physical, have been endlessly reporting about Monday’s shocker announcement: Nicolas Ghesquiere pulls an ‘N Sync and says Bye Bye Bye to Balenciaga. What? Why? How? As feelings of despair, anguish, and depression wash over the fashion industry, collages of nostalgic Ghesquiere designs bombard my Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and Pinterest news feeds, and predictions of who the new mystery monarch of Balenciaga will be intrigue me. (Alexander Wang? Joseph Altuzarra? Mary Katrantzou?)

Here’s the lowdown: Nicolas Ghesquiere began his career filing and photocopying at Jean Paul Gaultier, moving on to designing office uniforms at Balenciaga and finally landing his big break in 1997 designing for their ready-to-wear line and turning the label into one of the most influential French brands. Badumbum CH!

After 15 years of designing some of the most iconic and directional collections with a penchant for futurism and the eighties, Nic is pulling a Billy Joel and Movin’ Out.

I have gone through the 5 stages of grief over this announcement and I’d like to share them with you, because sharing is caring and it’s also therepeutic.

  1. Denial: “Nic did what?! Can’t be. It’s probably just another stunt like the one he pulled with the broken benches at his Spring 12 runway show to get the audience on their feet.”
  2. Anger: “?!*$%@$!@?! Who is going to give me butterflies in MAH BELLEH next fashion week?! Has anyone called 911? This is a CRIME, a travesty of justice!”
  3. Bargaining: “C’mon Nic, was it something I said? What if every single person on social media puts together a collage of your work, will that make you stay? Eh? Eh?”
  4. Depression: As I longingly stare at the photo of me trying on those amazing Balenciaga kimono pants, all I want to do is cry. Because I want those pants. But also because Nic is leaving Balenciaga…have you heard?
  5. Acceptance: Dude wanted to move on. There comes a point in people’s lives when they need to make a career move. I’ve been there. And I’m still smiling! (Insert sparkling white smile with twinkle sound here.) Nic will move onto bigger and better gigs, there is no doubt in my mind.

And because I actually collaged during stage 3…

One last thing. In case you have heaps of money money money (MON-AY) chilling under your bed with nothing better to spend it on, or if you’re like me and just enjoy staring at amazing design…I put together my Nic Picks for ya:

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