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Freedom of Dress

Freedom of Dress

There's nothing I love more than being cozy. After a long and stressful day, all I want to do is make a myself a steaming cup of chamomile tea, change into mushy sweats and an oversized hoodie (sometimes I'll even throw on a beanie for maximum coziness), snuggle in the corner of the couch and watch the Bachelorette (serious guilty pleasure of mine). It's comforting, it's lazy, it's cozy. What's even better? Being able to dress in cozifying clothes during the day.

Exhibit A:


Leather baseball hat, Owen. Oversized cropped tee, American Apparel. Slouchy paper bag trousers, Maje. White grandpa oxfords, Rachel Comey. Photos by Lydia Hudgens

I think we can confidently say that there is a definite movement in fashion towards cozy daywear. I've blogged about the revival of the "cozy cap" aka the baseball cap (as demonstrated in these photos), we've covered the magic of the cozy slouch from resort collections, and analyzed pajamas as daywear, which is all about the magic of cozifying.

What does it mean?! (Intended to be read in the double rainbow guy's voice.)

One intriguing theory connects our choice of (cozy) clothing to our longing for privacy and intimacy in a digital world of over sharing.

Another theory of mine is that through casual, slouchy, pajama-esque dressing, we are exercising our freedom of press dress. (Guys, wait, can we just take a second to marvel at the beauty of that pun? Okay, now we can resume our regularly scheduled programming.) The workplace has historically been one of rigid and  restrictive dress codes. For a man, it was a suit and tie, for a woman, a pantsuit or a pencil skirt. The workplace dress codes have changed drastically in the last ten years. Men and women in the workplace are embracing the opportunity to express themselves through fashion and that my friends, is a beautiful thing. The antithesis of the previous work uniform is the new cozy. From rigid to lax , from precise to effortless. Rebellion never looked so cool.

The ultimate slouch

The ultimate slouch

The fashion slouch

To state the obvious, I do not currently work in a traditional "office" but if I did, do you think they'd fire me if I wore this cozy ensemble to work? Do ya? Do ya?

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