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Fashion Look-a-likes

Fashion Look-a-likes

There's this little game I love to play every time I pay a visit to Zara, H&M, Topshop and the like. I like to call it The Matching Game, Fashionified. I'll see a dress, a pair of pants, a coat or a bag and see how quickly I can name the fashion designer that they "referenced." It makes shopping a lot more fun and it gives me this rush every time I figure out a match, like I'm one step closer to being a human fashion encyclopedia... FUN! You should try it sometime.

Although, lately a strange and mysterious quirk has been happening to me. I've been playing The Matching Game, Fashionified not at Zara but on Net-a-porter and Style.com while I peruse my favorite high fashion collections. It's strange and mysterious because instead of a fast fashion piece triggering my memory of a high fashion piece (typical), I'm finding high fashion designs matching up with other high fashion newcomer designs (ATYPICAL).

Por ejemplo, I came across this Miu Miu bag and I immediately thought of my favorite envelope clutch from Reece Hudson. You be the judge....

Miu Miu Clutch

Reece HudsonHmm....quite the twinsies wouldn'tchya say? And what about this Oscar de la Renta Pre-Fall dress's (right) uncanny resemblance to Rosie Assoulin's resort dresses (left and center)?

Oscar de la renta dress and rosie assoulin dress


Coincidence? Maybe. But I smell something funky cooking. Could it be that major design houses like Miu Miu and Oscar de la Renta are becoming more and more derivative of new design talent like Reece Hudson and Rosie Assoulin, the same way they are becoming more and more derivative of street style? (See this blog post.) 'Tis quite an interesting spin on things, something we haven't seen much of in fashion lately that begs the question; What came first, the chicken or the egg? Or in this case, the Rosie or the Oscar?

Am I on to something here or am I way way waaay off?

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