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Election Day: STOKED

Election Day: STOKED

I was never really the political type. I avoided election conversations like the plague. But then my grandma moved in 3 weeks ago. And let me tell you, this woman is a political fireball. She knows every issue inside out. She totally obsessified me. The debates were a momentous occasion with grandma around. There was shouting and name calling, cheering and dancing gangnam style. So naturally, I am super stoked about election day.

Pre-vote: Getting dressed this morning, I instinctively went for my Pamela Love x J. Crew boyfriend jeans and a white tee. Once I was already dressed in white and blue, I figured why the hell not go for the red too. Truth is, I was wishing I had a pair of denim overalls to wear to the polls. Either way, I felt some serious American pride with all that denim and plaid going on. Represent. 

Post-vote: Why do I feel so good? There were long lines, whining voters, opposing views yet I feel exhilarated. I think it is just an amazing feeling to know that your vote counts. I hate that crap “But my state is not a swing state so what’s the point of voting?” IT IS SO IMPORTANT. If Susan B. Anthony knew that women today were just throwing away their right to vote, I think she’d pummel their rear-ends. So…

Bundle up and put on your coat coat coat. 

Let go of that remote mote mote. 

Get out there and vote vote vote. 

I penned that myself. I know, I know, I should consider a career change.

And if you’re still conflicted on who to vote for:

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