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Two Bags Are Better Than One

Two Bags Are Better Than One

Today, we celebrate Throwback T(h)uesday. As fashion week creeps up on us, I feel the need to revisit a very important and functional fashion statement. Duo-bagging.

Last fashion week I thought I was uber clever rocking two bags to Lincoln Center. But you know who else was just as clever? KARL LAGERFELD. Which brings me to my next selfie Q & A:

Question: What's better than one Chanel bag?

Answer: TWO Chanel bags.

Question: What's better than pretending to start a 2-bag trend on your blog?

Answer: Having Karl Lagerfeld back you up on said 2-bag trend.

Chanel Fall 2013 Double Boy Bag

I now pronounce duo-bagging the the new two-strapping. You may now kiss the bride be a shameless bag lady.

This is great news! Us women are always carrying around more than we need. Anything to avoid a trip back home between work, shopping, gym, dinner etc. “It’s better to be prepared than sorry” we tell ourselves. We pack it in; a book, a bulky wallet, a change of shoes, gum, lozenges, band-aids, Advil, lipstick, a beanie, a protein bar, an iPad, purell, sunglasses, hand lotion…a lot of just-in-case stuff. It’s time we turn that habit into a fashion statement. Can I get a HELL YEAH?!

They say necessity is the mother of invention. During Fall 13 NYFW, I was faced with a dilemma. While getting dressed to go to Lincoln Center, I had my heart set on wearing my navy Celine Trapeze tote, who I like to call Phoebe, named after her mother Phoebe Philo. The problem was, all of my fashion week necessities (change of shoes, big bulky camera, iPad, extra charger etc.) wouldn’t fit inside the bag. My options? Sacrifice the pleasure of parading Phoebe around like a proud mom for a larger, not as perfect bag OR throw on an additional awesome bag and invent a duo-bagging trend.

Double-bagging Edgify Me

Clearly, I went the Thomas Edison route and invented a trend. Let me tell you, those street style photographers were having a field day with the duo-bag action. They kept asking me to turn around so they can get a shot of my bags, while I was all like “But what about my face?” Ego aside, I felt the fascination of the duo-bag and I liked it.

double-bagging Edgify Me

Circling back to Chanel’s version of the duo-bag, sometimes we just want to wear our cranberry leather boy bags but they are too small to fit all of our daily carry-along needs. Enter Chanel’s duo boy bag. Ta-dah!

You may say "That's a heavy load to carry." To that I say it is the same load, split in two, which may be a genius way to preemptively combat uneven shoulder syndrome, assuming you wear one bag on each shoulder.

You may say "Won't I look like a crazy bag lady?" To that I say, Chanel just endorsed the crazy bag lady look so you're good. As long as you steer clear of carrying ugly plastic shopping bags that say “Have a Nice Day ” as your second bag… Woh woh…

So. What do you say? Will you join me in my duo-bagging shenanigans this fashion week? Heh? Heh?
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