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Cuz We Are Living in a Material WRLD…

Cuz We Are Living in a Material WRLD…

Happy Thursday!

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and I am busting a move. Why? Because that’s what I do on Happy Thursdays. I bust moves.

Wondering what Madonna has to do with Happy Thursdays? Well, a lot considering her song lyrics from Material Girl are the perfect transition to tell you some excitifying news. Today I am featured with 4 other talented bloggers on Material Wrld’s homepage: “NYC Bloggers We Love.” Awww, they love me!

(Photo of me above by the fabulous Sarah Harari) 

Material Wrld is a personalized shopping experience for fashion junkies like you and I, where you get to view and shop some really coolified people’s closets (ahem.)

Once you join, you can view my rad closet in all its edgified glory! Here’s a sneaky peaky:

Killer Alexander McQueen booties. Could ya tell I’m into black and white this season? COULDJYA? [Take note of the Twilight series sitting next to the Little House on the Prairie series…doesn’t make me proud but baby I was born this way.]

Zalo smoking slippers and one of my favorite bags from the African market in Harlem. Don’t they look cute together?!

Reece Hudson envelope clutch. Hi ROCKSTAR, whatsup.

That’s just a teaser. Check out the full assortment here and go on a shopping spree while your at it. Why, you ask? Why not, I answer.

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