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Chanel Does Movember

Chanel Does Movember

Have you heard about the latest fabo collabo? Chanel X Movember.

For the uninitiated, Movember is the time of year (every November) when men all over the world grow their upper lip hair, AKA mustaches, to raise funds and awareness for prostate and testicular cancer. Simultaneously, Karl Lagerfeld decided to feature a female model with a very French mustache in his latest Chanel ad campaign. Coincidence? I think nawt

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I've been rambling on about the mustache craze since January. And I'm nowhere near finished! The people in my life have come to associate me with the mustache and have since been showering me with mustache themed gifts (I'm not complaining). My cousin bought me a mustache printed scarf for my birthday in June, my mom got me mustache shaped post-its, my sister got me a mustache pen that says "Well, hellooo there" in this really deep mustachey voice, and my boyfriend got me a mustache shaped cookie cutter. After the fourth mustache-themed gift, I thought, maybe it's getting a little strange, this love of mustaches, being that I am of the female gender and whatnot...

mustache2And then I opened Vogue and saw a lady stache staring right back at me. At first glance, I found it hilarious. I laughed out loud (no, I didn't LOL, that's very different) alone in my bedroom. Then I had a light bulb moment.... I am not weird for loving mustache-themed paraphernalia, I'm CHIC! Chanel and I, we're like 2 peas in a mustache. That's so gross, sorry.

Let the trend over-analyzing begin! What's up with fashion and androgyny lately? Menswear inspired womenswear is so much more than a seasonal trend and it's not going anywhere either, so invest in those man-tailored trousers, oxfords and oversized coats ladies!

I've said it before and I'll say it again. We are making a statement about our longing for gender equality through our fashion choices with our boyfriend jeans and Chanel mustaches. But what about the guys?  They don't always get as much attention on the subject of gender equality but I'd venture to say they're making just as loud of a statement through their choice of clothing as women are. Florals, tunics (aka mini-dresses) and soft tailoring were 3 key trends for menswear Spring 14 that we can easily call "borrowed from the girls." How about the menswear collections by Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent and J.W. Anderson that could easily be mistaken for womenswear?

I'm reading an amazing book by Brene Brown called Daring Greatly in which she writes about how men feel trapped in their gender roles just as much as women do. Society tells men that expressing their emotions is a sign of weakness, so many men spend their lives putting up their macho shield while wishing they could express themselves without judgement as freely as women can. I think men are striving for gender equality just as much as women and the way that they are choosing to express themselves through fashion is just one indication.

Chanel, Movember, cookie-cutters, and gender equality....That's what I call covering ground! So what do you say about my theory, heh? Will you grow a lady stache for the month of November because Chanel said it's cool? Will ya? Will ya?

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