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Black, White and the Concept of Contrast

Black, White and the Concept of Contrast

On this fabulous day, I have a few very important things to discuss with you. More specifically Tom Cruise, H&M, a self-imposed handlebar mustache and the concept of contrast. They are all seemingly unrelated and yet they all magically have something to do with this look:







All photos by Lydia Hudgens.

Boyfriend shirt™, Theory. Leather trowzahs, H&M. Sick booties, Alexander Wang. Sunglasses, Westward Leaning. Cutie patootie bag, vintage find from Amsterdam. Handlebar mustache, model's own.

First, let's discuss the white oxford shirt. Lately I find myself reaching for it over and over again. That crispy white freshness, it just feels so good. It makes me feel like Tom Cruise in Risky Business, only with pants, without socks and with better dance moves. Kidding! No one can top Tom's dance moves in that scene, NO ONE. So the white oxford (this one by Theory, another gem at J. Crew) is my thang right now, especially worn unbuttoned (with the occasional collar pop) for maximum oh-this-old-thing-I-just-threw-it-on effect. I'd also like to dub it the Boyfriend Shirt™. You heard it here first.

Second thing up for discussion; leather yowzah trowzahs. These are from H&M aka the score of the century (please read that in a Shakespearean accent for maximum awesomeness) . I don't believe they still have them in stores but ya neva know ey? If you feel like emptying your pockets for a pair, try these from Oak or these from Vince, I won't judge you.

Next pressing topic: Black and White. Ya ya ya, we get it, it's trendy. But as usual, high contrast got me thinking… contrast is what gives way to personal preference. Without contrast, how would we know what we absolutely love and what we morbidly despise? Last week, I had the honor of speaking at my high school for Career Day. (Whut?!) I found myself telling the students how important mistakes and bad experiences are because they show you what you don't want to be doing and allow you to hone in on what you do want to be doing. They provide contrast thereby giving way to preference. Maybe that's why black and white together is so attractive, so interesting; because having such vast contrasts cohabit in peace isn't your everyday occurrence.  We tend to love one extreme and hate the other, but here, we love both, especially side by side! Magical! This probably has something to do with the notion that opposites attract…intriguing!

Ho! Hey! I'm just thinking out loud in writing. Maybe that made sense, maybe it didn't, either way black and white together is poppin. Can we agree on that?

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