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Bare Naked Nails

Bare Naked Nails

The hashtag #nailart brings up 3.6 million photos on Instagram. If that's not a beauty craze, I don't know what is.

It's kind of amazing to see the kind of art the human race has managed to create using the tiniest surface area, like, ever. I can definitely appreciate a trendy nail, it is fascinating after all. The thing is, I've never been one to adorn such microscopic art on my own nails. To me, it's pretty much doomed from the get-go. You (your manicurist) puts all that time and effort into it and then BAM, it chips in a few days and your artwork is gone for all eternity! Oh, the horror!

I've recently taken my personal anti-nail art, anti-chip, anti-stress-of-getting-a-new-manicure-asap stance to a whole new level. THE BARE NAKED NAIL. Clear polish. No art. No color. No chance of (visible) chippage.


I've been on this ''polish fast,'' if you will, for about 3 weeks now and have never been happier about my nails. I feel cleansified! My manicurist once tried to talk me out of it; "Here, here, I do Ballet Slippers. Very good. Like clear, but prettier." I almost fell for it but alas, I stood my ground and went with clear. Peer pressure is not cool, y'all.

Reasons to jump on board the Bare Naked Nail train:

  • It's like putting your nails on a juice fast. Oooooh.
  • It's the Phoebe Philo of manicures.
  • Zero chippage-induced stress.
  • You will never have to worry about your nails interfering with your sartorial color palette.
  • Less manicures, more money for shoes!

I've even debated going Bare Naked Nails on my toes…but ultimately decided against it. One step at a time. (Get it? Step - feet - toes…never mind.)

In related news, if you haven't read Eva Chen's take on the nude nail trend (it's a trend!) in this month's Vogue, you should. She writes epic stuff like "Not getting nail art while in Asia would be akin to winning a golden ticket to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory while following a sugar-free diet." Yes.

So tell me, how do you feel about Bare Naked Nails?

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