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Artificial Street Style

Artificial Street Style

WHITECOAT_6street style fashion week

I love fashion week for many reasons. But one particular reason is the artificial street style moments. Wipe that surprised look off your face, of course it's artificial! We all get dressed knowing there will be a crowd of photographers at Lincoln Center ready to pounce at the sighting of a leather baseball cap or a Proenza Schouler bag and we all want to be the victim of choice, even if we pretend we hate it. We love it. We love the excuse to get dressed up in our latest and greatest fashion finds for all the world to take pictures of. Contrived or not, that is what street style during fashion week has become.

Is it a shame that the original authentically cool street goers lost their luster when the trend started catching on? Yes. But is it also awesome to have fashion's finest recognized for their knack for getting dressed while inspiring others to care a little bit more about how they look before they leave the house? Yes. So I guess I'll call it a lose-win situation. That's a thing, right?

P.S. I am no exception here. I love getting dressed for fashion week. I mean, that really shouldn't be a surprise. If it is, I would have your observation skills tested. Anyway, Lydia Hudgens is my Tommy Ton. For some reason when we are taking pictures we attract the weirdest, quirkiest, most amazing people. Exhibit A:

Fashion Week street style

This man is dedicated! Those are bottle caps covering his body... whut?! That man jingles when he walks! If I were him, I'd turn up some Beyonce and shimmy till the cows come home, but hey, to each his own. Look how happy he is! Lesson of the day: Do whatever it takes to make yourself happy, even if it means attaching thousands of bottle caps to your limbs.

Let's talk about my clothes. Even if there is snow on the ground, this season in technical fashion and retail terms is Spring. So even if the weather doesn't allow for flirty dresses and shorts, I still find dressing in light colors refreshing. It's like I'm beckoning to Spring, YO, getchyo ass over here will ya? I've described this technique before as dressing like a Piña Colada and I stand by its power.

In other news, powder blue has been my latest fashion craving so I couldn't resist these cropped to perfection pants from Celine. Just kidding guys. They're from H&M! Yeeeehaw! Drop everything and go getchyoself a pair. Right now.

Re the double bag action, I'd like to let you in on a little secret. When it comes to fashion folk, one of anything is never enough. My friend once pointed this out when he saw a fashion friend wearing two coats and he coined the phrase "One (fill in the blank) is not enough." (Read that in a singsongy P'trique type voice for the full effect.) That holds true for bags (see photo below), hats (see The Dream at the Grammy's), shirts (I'm particularly guilty of this category), coats etc. When you want to change up your look, throw a curveball and whatnot, PILE. IT. ON. See my "One bag is not enough" moment:

Fashion week street style

The truth is, it wasn't enough. I needed to bring my camera and Phoebe was too full, so I recruited my little cutie patooty face vintage bag that I bought in Amsterdam, thereby causing my friend and I to miss our flights. Whatever, she's worth it no?

fashion week street style

I love this detail shot because of the rad texture play. (Way to toot your own horn, Laura. I know, right? #uniconvo) Plus, my Fallon necklace does a good job of taking your attention away from my chapped lips. Ka Ching! Chunky sweater is Vince, beanie (I'm so Fall 2013 trendy right now) is Aritzia, similar one here. Shoes are Manolo Blahnik, similar here and here. Similar white trench by Rebecca Minkoff.

So tell me, how do you feel about the contrived state of street style these days? Are you a hater? A lover? An I-honestly-don't-even-know-the-difference-er? Tell me! Seriously, I'm dying to know. Make up a fake username if you have to. Gosh.

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