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America’s Next Top Runway Model Copycat

America’s Next Top Runway Model Copycat

Watch out Tyra! I’ve got a new concept that may very well rival America’s Next Top Model. I call it America’s Next Top Runway Model Copycat. ANTRMC. So much easier to say than ANTM, pfff.

Today’s version of ANTRMC is the Jason Wu edition. His Resort 2012 collection is 2D4 (To Die For.) I loved it so much that I created my own ensemble, while mimicking (love that word) the backdrop, the models’ pose as well as their deadpan expression.

“Check it out check it check it out WHUT—” Black Eyed Peas

Here are my top 3 looks from the collection:




I now present to you, ladies and gents, America’s Next Top Runway Model Copycat, Jason Wu Edition:


“I wear my sunglasses at night indoors.” 

Sunglasses: Jimmy Choo, Bag: Rebecca Minkoff, Pants: Helmut Lang, Shoes: Prada, Blazer: GUESS!!! not Guess the brand. Guess who makes my blazer. Just guess. I bet you can’t. Just kidding, I know you can. Lucky for you, this blog isn’t interactive therefore I am forced to give you the answer.

Without further ado, it’s ZARA. See my previous blog post to better understand my motives here.

So how’d I do? I can almost hear Jason Wu’s models shouting “Stop copycatifying us!” That’s pretty immature guys, don’t you think?

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