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All You Need is Confidence

All You Need is Confidence

Hanne Gaby in goggles

Today's Beatles remix: All you need is love confidence.

This photo of model Hanne Gaby Odiele, taken by Tommy Ton, speaks volumes about what personal style is all about. And in one word, it's confidence. Personal style is sartorial self-expression and when you truly hit that sweet spot, and you are so in love with what you are wearing that you can't help dancing in the mirror, you will in turn walk around with a silent confidence that money can't buy. Hanne Gaby woke up one morning during fashion week and decided that it would be cool to wear ski goggles around her head, sideways. At first glance it's like "Wait what? Why?" But then it clicks and you find yourself thinking "She is so damn cool, why didn't I think of that…" It is so absurd but she pulls it off so well because she oozes confidence.

Lesson of the day: Have the confidence to wear whatever the hell you want, and never worry what people might think. That's personal style. And that's what it means to be edgified.

Final question: How do you feel about the sideways ski goggles?

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