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Adidas slides

I’m craving Adidas shower slides.

You know, those rubber sandals with the Velcro strap and the classic Adidas stripes and the pokey insole that you can’t decide whether it’s a weird and unnecessary contraption or a brilliant personal foot massager… Yeah, those bad boys (bottom right).

I remember when I was but a young lass in camp, probably around 6th grade, the year must've been 2000, the new millennium, Y2K, the year the world didn’t end and such, and I recall having a serious tomboy moment. I’m not sure if it was contained to solely my camp grounds, but you were considered an absolute bad ass if you wore your older brother’s basketball shorts. They had to be grossly oversized with a welcome sheen to them and they had to be rolled over at least 2 times at the waist band. To answer your question, yes, they were absolutely ridiculous looking on an 11 year old.  But what did I know? I felt coooool. With 5 O’s. And the only accessory to complete your aggressive I-shop-in-my-brother’s-closet look were the Adidas shower slides I speak so fondly of.

jcrew adidas slides

Maybe it’s the age of nostalgic ugly footwear that’s sparking my overwhelming desire for these dopey sandals. Or maybe I saw a street style photo somewhere of some cool French girl wearing them that convinced me I needed to have them. OR , maybe it was J.Crew's August catalog that had me ooh-ing and aah-ing at their impeccably styled looks featuring none other than the "Adilette Slides." Oh, Jenna. Whatever the case, the best part is they are $26.95 with the personal tingly foot masseuse, or $30.00 the J. Crew way. You can even go the patriotic route and get the American flag ones (I happen to LURVE them) for $35.00! YOWZA. Think of the price-per-wear ratio on that one!!! K, GTG, BRB, going to buy me some shower slides.

Final question of the day: Do you dare me to wear them with socks?

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