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About Me



To make edgy. To break rules. To use fashion as your daily means to self-expression. To add your personal edge to your sartorial choices. To wear only what makes one dance in the mirror.


When you love what you are wearing so much that you can help but express that excitement through the coordinated (or uncoordinated) movement of your limbs in front of your mirror.



Once upon a time, in a faraway land called Brooklyn, a little girl with thick black hair and big brown eyes was bornified. She had a thing for frilly white socks, emerald velvet trapeze tops and ditsy floral leggings.  One day a week, her mom would announce, “Okay! It’s pick-your-own-outfit day!” And the little girl would show up to school, peeking out from below her thick bangs, dressed in a tie dye t-shirt under a denim vest with leggings and a pair of crisp white Keds feeling like the world was hers to conquer. It was then, at age 4, that she realized her passion for expressing her colorful self through the art of fashion.

As I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, if not by the obvious 3rd person story-telling fake out method then by the title above this page that reads “About Me”, that story was in fact about me. Fast forward a bunch of (crucial and awkward looking) years, I decided to start a fashion blog. Ta dah!

Edgify Me is the place where I get to articulate my obsession with fashion along with my inner hip-hop groove, my love of parenthesis, my predilection for quirky sports like archery and fencing, my penchant for making weird faces every time a camera is pointed in my direction and my impulsive lyric quoting habits with no boundaries. Edgify Me really is me. (Cue cheesy chick flick theme song.)


There was a point when I would look at doctors, scientists, teachers and think, Is the industry that I chose to pursue a career in completely shallow? Am I making a positive impact on my world? And finally, I understood how much more fashion is than just clothes. It is an art form, a creative pursuit, a form of expression. Every morning we wake up and we make a decision as to what to put on our bodies and how we want to present ourselves to the world. Fashion shouldn't be contrived. It should be emotional. Organic. Spontaneous. Exciting. Risky. Soulful. Experimental. Dangerous. Edgified.