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A Solution to the Closet Stare: Break a Rule

A Solution to the Closet Stare: Break a Rule

Countless hours of my life have been spent doing the closet stare. You know, those few minutes in the morning that you spend looking hopelessly at your closet, waiting for something exciting to catch your eye, to no avail. I’ll try something on, wait for the mirror dance to strike and when it doesn’t, I feel defeatified.

There is a light at the end of this dark and depressing tunnel. I like to call it my Break a Rule method. When you find yourself reaching for your usual sartorial choices, but what you’re really seeking is that breaking point when you’ll be so excited by what you put on your bodeh that you bust a move in the mirror, try breaking rules.

First of all, you’ll feel like a badass. Second of all, it will give you new ideas on how to jazz up your existing wardrobe. Third of all, you’ll feel like a badass. And when you feel like a badass, you look like a badass. And when you look like a badass, little frightened children will run away from you screaming. No, not really but that would be funneh.


Por ejemplo: I was in the mood to wear my navy vince tailored pantalones and was ready to reach for a silk button down to rock the half-tuck, which would’ve been fine and dandy (yawnify me) but here on Edgify Me we don’t strive for fine. Instead, we strive for the mirror dance.

That’s when a little white fluffly thought bubble hovered over my left ear and it read; “Break a Rule!” So I listened to that little white fluffy thought bubble (which incidentally reminded me of a pillow…bed…sleep…pajamas…) and instead reached for my J. Crew pajama shirt, threw a blazer over it, added a pair of double monk strap shoes and BAM, before I realized what was happening, my limbs started moving in many different directions and I realized I hit the sweet spot. The mirror dance had arriiiiiived! (Reread that last sentence in Oprahs voice when she announces that you just won a new caaaaar!)

Recap: The rule: Pajamas are for sleeping. The breakage: Wear them during the day.


I’d like to take a minute to give a shoutout to Bananas in Pajamas who are historically the first ones to rock sleepwear as daywear. Best Purim costume idea yet? I think so.

Shop for PJ’s below, but only if you’ll wear them during the day!

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