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A Rad Giveaway for my Rad Readers

A Rad Giveaway for my Rad Readers

Hey guys!

I’d like to begin today’s festivities with great news: I have an amazing gift for you all, so bear with me...

I am not an expert on beauty, nor do I claim to be one. And by “beauty” I mean the beauty industry, not to be confused with the art of being beautiful, of which I am an expert. *Deadpan* Crickets* *Awkweeerd*

Radical Skincare Free Giveaway Facial at Barneys NY

Now that that’s out of the way, I want to tell you guys about this amazing skincare line called Radical Skincare that I randomly stumbled upon at Barney’s one day. My friend Ruben put his hands on my shoulders, looked me dead in the eye, raised one perfectly groomed eyebrow and said in a really urgent tone; “Try it. Trust me.” And trust Ruben I did.

Radical Skincare giveaway free facial at Barneys

Radical Skincare giveaway free facial at Barneys

Radical Skincare giveaway free facial at Barneys


I would describe the experience of using their hydrating cleanser as one similar to what I imagine smushing your face in a big swatch of silk and fur mixed together for maximum sensory yumminess must feel like. I use it every day, twice a day. Be jealous. Just kidding, no need for jealousy - you’ll get to try it for yourself….this Sundaaaaaay! We are giving all of you FREE RADICAL SKINCARE FACIALS AT BARNEY'S NEW YORK! This is such an Oprah moment.

Let’s rewind for a hot second. When I re-launched my site last month, I was looking for a way to thank my readers for supporting this blog, because I love you guys like Beyonce loves Blue Ivy. I wanted my 'thank you' to be meaningful and have depth behind it, because that’s what this blog is trying to do – create depth and meaning behind fashion. That's why I'm oozing with excitement; Radical Skincare is so much more than a delicious cleanser. It's a lifestyle. The line was created by two sisters, Rachel and Liz, who believe, as do I, that when you feel good, you look good. We're both preaching the same ideas using different tools; I use fashion, they use skincare. Tomato tomahto. Potato potahto. Chawclate chahclate. Ahrange awrange. Tahfee Tawfee. Banana Baneena. You get the idea.

On Sunday, March 17th, I want every single bingle shmingle one of you to treatify yourselves to this amazing facial! Why? Because you deserve it. Also, because I freaken lovify you. Here’s how to make it happen:

  1. Scroll up and enter your email to sign up for my rad newsletter. (Right hand side of this page.)
  2. Like my rad page on facebook.
  3. Call 424-208-1054 to book your appointment for Sunday, March 17th. Mention that you are calling for the Radical Skincare facial. If they happen to ask for the magic password say: "BAM EDGIFIED." Do it fast so that you get the best appointment! Spots are limited!

You guys are the milk to my coffee, the dressing to my salad, the Phoebe to my Philo, the Rag to my Bone, the Rad to my ical. I LOVE Y’ALL.

How excited are you on a scale of one to these screaming Justin Bieber fans?

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