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A Little Lift

A Little Lift

When considering what to put on my feet in the morning, my heart reaches for my Alexander Wang Mackenzies while my hands laugh an evil Wicked-Witch-of-the-West laugh and reach for a pair of flat shoes (oxfords, smoking slippers, sneakers or booties). The thing is, I now reside in NYC and need to get around by foot, fast. I can't have throbbing feet in high heels slowing me down, but at the same time I miss that sexy, confident lift that heels provide. 'Tis quite the predicament. Oh, how I long for a happy medium. Some sort of wizard's concoction that will give me a little lift but won't slow me down.

Luckily, the shoe heavens have smiled upon my desperate needs and created a modern and edgified alternative to the kitten heel. The block mid-heel sandal. That's a terrible description, I apologize. Let's call it the Goldilocks sandal instead. Why? Because It's not too high and not too flat, it's just right, kinda like Baby Bear's porridge, ju know? Ju see where I'm going with this? Ju know how much fun it is to say "ju" instead of "you"? Okay, I'm done.

I myself have yet to find the perfect pair of Goldilocks sandals (this is starting to sound more like a Cinderella story, cc: Hilary Duff), but while scouring the internet and doing heavy research on the subject, I figured I'd collect my findings and share them with the class. It kinda makes me feel like I am reporting on my discoveries found while on an adventure with the Magic School Bus and Ms. Frizzle. Please tell me you are familiar with the legendary Ms. Frizzle.

Moving right along. Here are my Goldilocks sandal discoveries for ju:

Tell me how you feel about this category of shoes, because I know not everyone's diggin it, ya dig? Spill ya guts.

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