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A Fashion Edgification

A Fashion Edgification

BREAKING up is hard to do  NEWS: I am featured on Saks POV, where I guest blog about this really momentous and stupendous event that was held at their store last week. Check. It. Out. now, the funk soul brother.

Getting J Branded

By Laura Harari

Joanna Hillman and Alex Spencer. All photos by Mark Iantoasca

Laura Harari of Edgify Me here at Saks to report some inside intel on one seriously rad ready-to-wear brand from some seriously rad fashion voices in the industry. On Thursday, Saks hosted a killer event with J Brand to celebrate their new (and totally edgified) collection hosted by 4th and Bleeker’s Alex Spencer and Harper’s Bazaar Senior Fashion Market Editor (she of the iconic red lips and street style fame), Joanna Hillman. 

Wait no longer, my dear fashion comrades. I’ve got exclusive interviews with the ever-glamorous and oh-so-cool hostesses for your eyes only. You’re welcome. Please forward all thank you notes to the comments section below.

Joanna, let’s chat…

Edgify Me for SaksPOV: The red lip is so iconic to you. What advice would you give to girls looking to develop their own iconic look?

Joanna Hillman: Experiment!  Sometimes you need to figure out what doesn’t work, before finding your signature.

E.M.: Tell us about your work at Harper’s Bazaar? Is it as glamorous as it looks?

J.H.: I am in charge of all American and British fashion markets, fashion-focused Front of Book pages (like Fab at Every Age, The Bazaar… etc.) and sittings. Bazaar also recently launched an e-commerce site, ShopBAZAAR, which allows our readers to finally have access to all the things they covet in our pages, making my editing process that much more important.

E.M.: What is your advice for girls trying to break into the fashion magazine industry?

J.H.: Interning is always a great way to get an insider view of the company you most want to work for. Even though magazine jobs are sparse, I know plenty of editors who interned and stayed on as paid assistants.

E.M.: Moving on to what I like to call the Lightning Round Questions: (insert dramatic Jeopardy song here)

Favorite shade of red lipstick: Lady Danger, Mac.

Best beauty secret: Klorane dry shampoo.

Most lust-worthy piece from J Brand’s new collection: White python biker jacket.

What does Saks mean to you in one word:  Style.

Describe your personal style in 3 words:  Modern, edgy, eclectic.

What is currently trending in your wardrobe: Leather pants!

You never leave home without: My Celine cat eye or Ray ban wayfarer shades.

Time it takes you to get dressed in the morning: Between 5-15min (although I always plan the night before during Fashion Week).

Whose closet do you want to raid, past or present: Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Moss, Diana Vreeland, Princess Diana.

Fall trend you can’t wait to embrace: Colored fur.

All time favorite films: Bonne and Clyde, The Talented Mr. Ripley.

Favorite blogs to read: Jak & Jil, All the Pretty Birds, Garance Dore, and The Sartorialist.

Favorite form of social media and why: Twitter, because I like keeping things short & sweet ;) Although, I am jealous of Instagram since I’m still using a Blackberry.

Favorite Spring 13 runway trend so far: Stripes!

Alex, you’re up!

E.M.: What inspired you to start your blog?

Alex Spencer: I started my blog 3 years ago when I was bored, and I looked up 100 things to do when you are bored, as a joke, number one was practice origami which I had previously done, and number two was start a blog, so that’s pretty much how it started.

E.M.: Who is your fashion inspiration?

A.S.: So many, there’s not just one person. I love people’s styles that are so different than my own. I love Giovanna Battaglia, how she mixes prints and she always looks like such a woman.

E.M.: What is your most lust-worthy piece from the J Brand collection?


1. Aggy leather pant in navy

2. Black leather jeans

3. The Coco dress – black chiffon dress to wear with leather pants underneath

4. Their crew tees, they are so comfy to wear.

E.M.: What is currently trending in your wardrobe?

A.S.: I’ve been living out of a suitcase for about a month so it’s whatever’s on top and J Brand because I always have it next to me.

E.M.: What has been your favorite spring runway show so far?

A.S.: Calvin Klein.

E.M.: Name one thing in your closet that makes you so excited that you can’t help but dance in front of the mirror.

A.S.: This amazing blue Christopher Kane dress that just makes me happy.

To conclude, I offer you a riddle: What do you get when you add 2 awesome fashionistas + 2 exclusive interviews + 1 rockin’ RTW brand + 1 fabulous department store? A fashion edgification

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